The Enhanced Q2 Plus™ Computer

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The completely redesigned  Computer

  • Large, color-coded screen information allows clear communication of data
  • Large input keys provide convenient inputting of information
  • Exclusive 3-wavelength technology provides more accurate SvO2 measurements independent of varying hemoglobin levels, eliminating the need for

    clinical updates of hemoglobin/hematocrit values

  • User-selected signal processing modes allow you to configure the system to meet specific needs. All four modes are designed for reliable, accurate CCO measurements by offering different levels of thermal noise artifact rejection and response time.

  • Faster response to changes in cardiac output1, especially under conditions of high thermal noise, results in more timely and accurate CO information.

  • Exclusive Quality Signal Indicator (QSI) communicates, at a glance, how robust the CCO output is in relation to thermal background noise, providing an indication of the signal's quality.



Pictures courtesy from Delex's friends