About the Manufacturers

Delex Pharma International Incorporated has forged partnerships with reputable and well-known international pharmaceutical manufacturers in providing premier critical care products. The company relies on scientific research and development-oriented global companies in achieving the needs of every Filipino to have the right of access to the quality medicines. DPII assures that its providers hold a certificate of “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” (cGMP), and are amenable with pharmaceutical regulations. The manufacturers have undergone a series of control for compliant operations from management systems, raw materials, operating procedures, detecting and investigating deviations to reliable testing. It proves that quality has always been a priority of DPII to ensure the utmost safety and satisfaction of its stakeholders


Ahn-gook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has exhibited outstanding development and supply of quality medicines for the last forty-five (45) years. It has achieved KOSDAQ enlistment, a trading board of Korea Exchange in South Korea established in 1996. The company was enlisted in the “Top 100 Transparent Companies” by Seoul Economy Newspaper in 2001. With its remarkable initiatives as a pharmaceutical, it bagged the “Best Human Resources Management in Korea” award in 2002.

Furthermore, the company is currently working on advancing its core technology to develop new world-class medicines. Ahn-gook aims to foster a competent workforce that can discover and unfold new drugs that are critical to treatment management.


Axa Parenterals is one of the leading Indian pharmaceutical research companies that manufactures and exports drugs and formulations worldwide. The company is WHO-GMP accredited, which is certified by the US, USFDA, and EU guidelines to adhere to the regulated market. The company delves into its core businesses from domestic operations, contract manufacturing services, and branded ethical formulation to P2P (Product to procurement) manufacturing.


Mefar is a leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturer of parenteral solutions for human and veterinary in Turkey. It was the first company to fill vaccines in Turkey in its highest developing facility. Mefar has certified by European authorities with its Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) certificates. The company mostly exports its products to several western and eastern EU countries.

Moreover, Mefar is the first pharmaceutical company that was certificated with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Myungmoon Pharm. Co., LTD. is a multi-million Korean pharmaceutical company founded in 1983. It has achieved a net worth of five hundred forty dollars ($ 540) million in 2015. The company continues to strengthen its product line distribution through over two hundred fifty (250) specialized and general medicines, including more than 400 medicine licenses. With its expert workforce, Myungmoon produces more than twenty (20) new quality pharmaceutical products annually. The organization maintains its excellent client-servicing in Asia through the professional management of its five hundred (500) employees.


Neon Laboratories is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, which was established in 1982. It has been long-recognized for its commitment to quality products and services. Thus, the company has built credibility among its international markets. It has established its global presence by supplying high-quality branded generic formulations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Furthermore, the organization is currently producing more than three hundred (300) registered products in sixty (60) various countries across the globe.


NPT. Finusolprima Farma International is a subsidiary of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe), which was established in 1966. Kalbe is the largest publicly-listed pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia and was named one of the “Most Admired Companies” in 2014 by Fortune Indonesia.

Kalbe has more than twenty (20) subordinates and ten (10) international standard production facilities. It is supported by more than seventeen thousand (17,000) employees and six thousand (6,000) sales and marketing personnel spread over sixty-eight (68) branches across Indonesia and ASEAN.


Reliance Life Sciences is a research-oriented company reinforcing its extensive business development in the medical field. The company amplifies its expertise from bio-therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, clinical research services, and regenerative medicine to molecular diagnostics.

Reliance Life Sciences is the largest private-sector enterprise in India, with annual revenue of USD sixty-eight point eight (66.8) billion.

Moreover, the organization is part of the Promoter Group of Reliance Industries Limited.


Stallion Laboratories has established a wide network of distribution in the Indian market. Moreover, it has expanded its reach to international markets in South Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, CIS region, and Francophone countries. The company aims to delve into the Unit II regulated market, which is under the approval of the UK- Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, EU-Good Manufacturing Practices, and Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention. The company is armed with WHO GMP, GLP & ISO 9001-2015 Certifications.


It is among the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai, India. The organization strives on working with its integrated and research-oriented distribution of affordable premier products in India and international markets. Unique Pharmaceutical is trusted by healthcare providers globally because of its commitment to quality.

The company is proudly administering its seventeen (17) compliant manufacturing facilities that are maintained through its comprehensive Research and Development initiatives. Also, it continually strengthens and enhances the value of its shareholders and subsidiaries abroad.

Unique Pharmaceutical is currently exporting its products to over thirty (30) countries across the globe. Furthermore, it is generating more than half of its revenue from the international markets.


United Biotech Pvt. Ltd, India is a high-rising pharmaceutical business with several partnerships to multinational companies in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company has its accomplished scientists to manage their Research and Development (R&D) that is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. UBPL is focused on its scientific-driven innovations and world-class competencies to provide caliber pharmaceutical products.

United Biotech has at most one thousand skilled employees strengthening its core business towards excellent service.