About Us


We, Delex Pharma International Inc., has successfully blossomed in eleven years of serving our satisfied market and professionally working with our partners. We may not be one of the longest-standing pharmaceutical companies in the country, but we are proud to be among the most reputable, socially-accountable, and fastest-growing companies nationwide.

It all started over a cup of coffee, when our core leaders, after an intensive brainstorming and discussion, finally came to a brilliant decision to start a new venture. From the time it was planned, it led to the establishment of a premier Filipino-owned pharmaceutical company. But before delving into our business, we were duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 13, 2009.

While we focus on hospitals as our market in the country, we proudly administer the safe distribution of quality and affordable FDA-approved critical care products. It is mainly for intensive care settings, which include the Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, and Operating Theaters. Moreover, we are also into marketing medical supplies and food supplements nationwide. The trading of our products is on a wholesale and retail basis.

Digging in through our business line, we identified a “gap” in the administration of critical care products of companies in the Philippines. Some of these institutions market their products at premium prices. To at least cater to this “gap,” we helped in the distribution of affordable and premier critical care products in the country. Through this action of Delex Pharma, critically ill poor patients can have the quality treatment they deserve. Hence, supporting our tagline “Meeting the Gaps in Critical Care.”

As we carefully decide on every planned move that is worth our investment, we partnered with the leading international pharmaceutical companies who carry the cGMP certification stamp. We opened our doors to stakeholders from Indian, Japanese, and European companies, such as Baxter-Bioscience, United Biotech, Kalbe, Astellas, and Sandoz, to name a few. Delivering beyond expectations, we gained the trust of our valued partners. At DPII, we walk the talk while embodying excellence and professionalism.

Climbing our way to the top, we ranked fourth (4th) in the hospital sector based on an IQVIA report released in 2019

Furthermore, we provide a variety of services to our clients with our market solutions ranging from Sales & Marketing, Support for Product Registration & Compliance, Sales Order Processing, Warehousing, Invoicing, Delivery & Transportation, Collections, and Credit & Risk Management.

Meanwhile, in 2018, we established a subsidiary company, JMN Brothers Pharma Limited, Inc. It focuses on the non-ICU market or over the counter products.

Delex Pharma has always been and will always be in service of the critical care needs of every Filipino.

our Core Values

Delex Pharma International Inc. humbly stands tall while encompassing its Core Values in achieving its Mission-Vision. Indeed, we serve best when manifesting our values.


We put God in everything we do


We are open-minded and understand cultural differences.


We have the courage to shape a better future.


We deliver what we promise.

Passion for Excellence

What we do, we do best.


We hold on together for the dream.


We should be real, open, and honest. We should do what we say.

Our Purpose

Establishing a premier proudly Filipino-owned and managed pharmaceutical company providing quality treatment for critically ill Filipino patients.

We believe that each Filipino has the right of access to comprehensive and safe treatment in ICU settings with quality and affordable critical care products. When every Filipino receives the proper care they deserve, it enables them to enjoy the gift of life.

As we envision to build a sustainable nation, we established a company that provides decent job opportunities to Filipinos. With this, Delex Pharma contributes to increasing the employment rate in the country


At Delex Pharma, we are responsible and accountable for the safety and satisfaction of our clients, partners, community, and people while providing our service. We adhere to the standards set forth by the government entities in performing our work.

To our Stockholders, we are committed to maintaining a harmonious relationship while becoming a highly-effective, and fast-growing organization towards achieving impressive milestones with you

To our People, Delex Pharma is dedicated to providing a comprehensive workplace where excellence and motivation shall foster among employees, which allows them to perform at their best

To our Market, we are committed to bringing quality, cost-effective, and vital brand medicines and medical devices for the hospital market while adhering to the strictest regulations in the distribution process.

To our Partners, we assure to nurture a network that will succeed through cooperation and professionalism.

To our community, we pledge to be a socially-accountable and responsible organization while making a difference by helping build a sustainable nation for Filipinos.


Delex Pharma International Inc. continually uplifts its corporate competencies towards success. Throughout the years, we have proven our outstanding performance as a growing pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. Thus, we have brought home awards granted by distinguished groups of professionals.

Our company bested several similar organizations, hence giving us recognition in ranking number four nationwide in the hospital sector, based on the March 2019 IQVIA Report. In the same year, we received an award from CMO Asia for Philippine Best Brand Award 2019. More so, Delex was a recipient of the Executive Leadership Team of the Year and SME Company of the Year of Asia CEO Awards 2017.

However, our awards are only a portion of the milestones we have achieved over time. Delex Pharma increased its sales value from PHP 488M in September 2018 to PHP 562M in March 2019. Indeed, a leap of success! Remarkably, three of our power brands, namely Norepin (Norepinephrine), Ifimol (Paracetamol), and Dobulex (Dobutamine) are in the Top 200 Hospital Ethical Products.

With such impressive growth for the past years, while braving challenges, DPII expanded and improved its facilities to provide excellent distribution service to its clientele. The company rented two warehouses measuring 665 and 425 square meters, which are compliant to quality control. The need for facilities is to house its growing portfolio of critical care solutions distributed in the country.

We humbly owe the success we are reaping to our valued healthcare providers and customers who are trusting our products acquired from our global partners.


Delex Pharma has long recognized the value of society on its rapid growth as a pharmaceutical company. Thus, it has extended its efforts to sustain nation-building through its corporate citizenship programs. The company is motivated to contribute a positive impact on the community as it provides quality service to its clients.

The company has forged a partnership with World Vision in sponsoring the education of one hundred (100) out-of-school youths. As health impacts learning, they have launched a Feeding Program in rural areas in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd). They have also taken the initiative in donating jeepney to Bamban Aeta Tribal Association in Tarlac. It has served as a free service to several school-going children. Likewise, the organization has provided financial support to two (2) house parents in Elsie Gaches Village. Through this act, Delex Pharma has been instrumental in providing care for abandoned children and adults with special needs. Furthermore, DPII has quickly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic we are brawling with right now. It has raised funds amounting to 2.2M pesos for our brave healthcare providers. 30px Moreover, Delex Pharma treasures the contributions of its healthcare partners in their success. Hence, it has launched the ICU Forum Program to further excellence among healthcare professionals. It is a “Train the Trainers” program that provides a unique, advanced, and multidisciplinary approach to quality management and treatment of critically ill patients. DPII is invested in making solutions to contribute to the development and improvement of society. Along with its quality and affordable critical car