Our Corporate Direction

Delex Pharma is motivated by the aspirations of its leaders in the goal of having an upscale Filipino-owned company providing premium hospital products and medical devices to every Filipino patient. Excellence has been a foundation of the company in meeting the gaps in critical care. Thus, extending its hand to leverage in managing and treating critically ill patients with its quality products. Furthermore, embedding the utmost satisfaction to its partners, clients, and health care providers while embodying its mission-vision and core values.

Every calculated action of the corporate with its stakeholders is for the welfare of every Filipino.

Our Mission

We aim to bring quality and cost-effective medicines and medical devices to the greatest number of people.

We believe Filipinos have the right access to premier and affordable critical care medicines and medical devices, enabling them to receive quality treatment. Thus, we are bringing it to every Filipino nationwide as we are committed to making a difference in their lives.

Furthermore, the satisfaction of our customers and partners is at top of our priorities. Hence, we responsibly deliver the quality service they deserve. Since the employees are the foundation of our success, we provide a workplace they can fully benefit from in terms of experience and compensation. Moreover, we embody nourishing our community by strengthening our CSR Programs.

Our Vision

To be the premier Filipino-owned hospital products company in the Philippines!

We instill in our hearts and deeds the vision to be the premier Filipino-owned hospital products and medical devices company in the Philippines.

Taking into account our mission-vision, we strive to meet our end-goals in scaling up our business. We aim to establish a total revenue of PHP1 Billion and to be among the Top 3 National companies catering to its niche hospital market by 2022.

We are also working on the possibility of an IPO listing to strengthen our credibility as we explore new business opportunities outside the hospital model. It also supports our ambition to expand our presence in neighboring countries.

The company also amplifies the sustainability of its rapid growth by investing more in product offerings and at the same time, creating value for patients, clients, and shareholders. With this, we pursue to build quality and cost-efficient brands with globally-recognized and reputable manufacturing companies. However, we still endeavor to establish our manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand for quality critical care solutions in the country.

Moving forward, we aim to nurture an organization whose members are committed to embodying the corporate mission-vision and values. As part of our Organizational Development initiatives, the company responsibly provides an environment that fosters success among its employees with competitive Strategic Human Resource Programs.

As we contribute to the nation’s sustainability, we aim to do more CSR Programs that benefit the less fortunate in our society, especially initiatives that give educational support to our youth.