Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

The community is equally valuable to the growth of our business.

Social accountability is in the heart of Delex Pharma. The company believes in making a difference and an impact on the community by supporting every Filipino dream towards a sustainable nation.

The corporation has taken into action its advocacies with the unwavering support of its partners, customers, and health care providers.


Covid Outreach Program

No one has anticipated the unprecedented turn of events this 2020 caused by the rapid outbreak of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. It created an alarming health crisis that the world is grappling right now. Worst, it has also tremendously affected the global economy, along with the challenges faced by humanity. It has severely tested the deeds of government leaders worldwide, and business principals are no exemption with this global issue.

It has left the CEOs or company leaders with overwhelming and unmapped challenges as they continue to navigate and simplify the consequences of this pandemic. To repulse against this uncertainty, leaders started to prioritize in coping up with the “new normal” while addressing the emerging needs of their employees, partners, and customers. It has relatively challenged the maintenance of supply chains and the creation of new demand for opportunities. With this problem, a lot of corporations from small to big have begun to shut down, leaving an increase in the unemployment rate across the globe.

While many of the companies are battling with the current situation, Delex Pharma is no exception from this struggle. It has tested the response of the organization in facing this havoc. With this, the journey of agility has prospered in the company to address such unwanted pathways. With its adept leaders, no single employee has been laid-off from the one hundred eighty (180) individuals who are striving to meet the goal of the company amid the crisis. It has provided financial and food assistance to some selected employees who are having a hard time making both ends meet in this troubled period. Its responsible leaders make sure that the workforce should be secured in the first place as they extend their support outside the organization. Moreover, the corporate leaders are swiftly turning their attention to the next phase – the period of learning the unpredictable and possibly muted economic recovery. Delex Pharma will tirelessly strive to strengthen its plans for future competitive threats and opportunities, which are rooted in the impact of COVID-19. The company will fearlessly hold its name higher while safeguarding its service and relationship with its clients and stakeholders.

We Filipinos are nurtured by our ancestors with the “Bayanihan” spirit, an essence of communal unity and cooperation. Delex Pharma is living this value while we battle with the current health and economic plight. DPII has reallocated its marketing budget to fund its donation drive in providing support to the frontliners. We started taking action since the first week of the COVID-19 outbreak as we see scarcity of health necessities and equipment among our health care providers in the country. As of now, the company has donated PHP 2.2M worth of PPEs, food packs, vitamins, and inhalational drugs for our Healthcare Providers and patients as well.

As the company secures its survival, it will continue to contribute to providing for the welfare of every Filipino towards a sustainable nation. Delex Pharma is optimistic in envisioning victory over this trial with the grace and mercy of God.

World Vision

The cultivation of learning is a right that should not be deprived of every Filipino as they chase their dreams. But, it is saddening that only a few of our children receive and continue their education due to financial and social issues our country faces. Research shows that nine percent (9%) of Filipinos aged six (6) to twenty-four (24) or almost one (1) out of ten (10) were not able to attend school. It sums up a total population of 3.6 million out-of-school youth and children in the country as of 2016. These numbers severely contribute to an increase of 265 million non-school-going youth and children worldwide. It results in poverty as a lack of education hinders an individual to have quality access to opportunities in the future.

Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once said “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” Delex Pharma, as a Filipino company, is always reminded of upholding such a philosophy. We care about the urgency of responding to the education of our youngsters who can be our successful future leaders. Thus, Delex partnered with World Vision in 2014 by sponsoring the education of one hundred fifty (150) hopeful students to date. With this deed, we are giving a brighter future for the next generation.

The advocacy alleviates the lives of these children who do not have access to formal education due to poverty. Hence, we will not cease in opening our arms to at least contribute to eliminating the ballooning number of out-of-school youths in our country.

Every prescription of our products matters most in pursuing this program!

Feeding Program

How can one be efficient and effective in school when one is under-nourished? A lot of Filipinos are below the poverty line, which has resulted in health problems like malnutrition. It severely hinders concentration and performance of children at school. According to the Department of Education (DepEd), there were over 500,000 pupils in kindergarten and elementary levels (Grades 1 to 6) enrolled in public schools who suffer from severe malnutrition in 2012.

The government recognizes that malnutrition remains a significant public health concern in the Philippines. Hence, it instituted a school-based feeding program to address the health concerns among pupils. However, it only covers 7.5s4 percent of the severely malnourished pupils in 1,010 public elementary schools in 28 provinces.

To at least respond to this societal issue, Delex Pharma International, Inc. launched its own Feeding Program in 2017 for public school students in rural areas. Up to date, DPII is conducting a weekly feeding program to one hundred twenty-five (125) students in Obias Elementary School, Brgy. Pugay, Camarines Sur. This program is in partnership with the Department of Education or DepEd.

While molding our children at school, let us provide them with adequate access to healthy food, proper nutrition education, as well as right health and sanitation services. Let us improve their lives with every prescription of our products.

Jeepney for a cause

We acknowledge the grit of every child who goes beyond to achieve their dreams in school as we teach them how to fish!

A portion of the Filipino population lives in isolated places. Without a choice, some of the students need to walk a lengthy distance to attend school. This inconvenience may be a reason for them to stop going school and learn. Moreover, it becomes a burden to some parents as they need to pay for their children's fare. These concerns were supported by the study conducted by Jose Ramon Albert and Francis Mark A. Quimba. It shows that high cost of education and lack of nearby schools are major reasons why children in rural areas do not attend primary school education. Thus, these children are not provided a pathway of opportunity to move out of poverty.

As we strongly support the value of education, a partnership with Bamban Aeta Tribal Association in Tarlac has took place in 2018. We have donated a jeepney that will transport the Aeta students from far-flung areas to school. Now, the persevering school-going indigent Aetas have a free and comfortable journey while carrying their hopes and dreams towards school.

Let us support the beaming smiles of these optimistic children in realizing their successful path!


Elsie Gaches

We care for the welfare of every abandoned child and adult with special needs.

Sadly, there are parents and guardians who abandon their children with special needs. This happens because they believe that they don't have the full capability to provide emotional and financial stability support for these children.

Luckily, a lot of individuals and institutions are willing to assist these abandoned and neglected children, and adults with special needs. Delex Pharma responsibly embraces this societal problem in partnership with Elsie Gaches starting in 2017. To this date, DPII is sponsoring three house parents to ensure the utmost care is given to the children of Elsie Gaches.

By supporting our product lines, we are giving hope to the lives of these gifted children who deserve our care and help.