When Rebound effect is the problem, HYPERTONIC LACTATE resuscitates and energizes



Totilac (Hypertonic Lactate) is an innovator drug in its class and was granted an EU patent in 2006. Based on clinical studies, the Hyperosmolar lactate of Totilac is more effective than mannitol in achieving a prolonged decrease in intracranial pressure during an acute episode of intracranial hypertension.1 Totilac also offers two benefits in one drug. It resuscitates (hypertonic) and energizes, involving a high content of lactate, which is the preferred fuel of the brain. Thus, when the rebound effect is the problem, Totilac (Hypertonic Lactate) resuscitates and energizes. In patients with a cardiac problem, the product is verified to increase the cardiac index, shorten hospital stay, and reduce the use of inotropic during intra and post-CABG surgery. However, precaution must be given for Congestive Heart Failure  (CHF) patients as Totilac may further induce congestion due to its sodium content.

Totilac in the Philippine market

Considering that a lot of clinical research has proven the potency of Hypertonate Lactate, Delex Pharma secured its distribution from Innogene Kalbiotech Pte. Ltd. It is the largest publicly-listed and multinational pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia and was granted as one of the “Most Admired Companies” 2014 by Fortune Indonesia. Proudly, Delex made the availability of Totilac as the first and only premixed hypertonic fluid solution in 3% with sodium lactate promoted in the Philippines. Moreover, it was included in the Philippine National Formulary’s Essential Medicine List 8TH Edition 2017, released in July 2019.

Totilac was invented by Prof. Xavier Leverve from France, it was co-develop together with Prof Iqbal Mustafa, Prof Carole Ichai, and Dr. Cindy E boom.