Powering the standard life-saving medicines with DELEX POWER BRANDS!

Delex Power Brands

Delex Pharma International, Inc. is steadfast in contributing to the quality treatment of severely ill patients by providing innovative and affordable medicines. As safety is our top priority, all of our products passed the required procedures and tests conducted by authorities in the country. Also, our products are acquired from multinational manufacturers with WHO-GMP certifications.

We currently promote seventeen (17) trusted brands nationwide. The majority of it is among the leading quality products used in the market. To date, our product line covers critical care, anti-infective, and anesthesia.

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Critical Care

In times of life-threatening cases, our products play a vital role in the patient’s survival. We are a partner of ICU healthcare specialists in these critical times.

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It has revolutionized healthcare in contributing to the prevention and treatment of infections. The products you prescribe matter to the survival of the patients. Choose our reliable and quality products!

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The security of your patients is in your hands. Provide them with our products that undergo thorough research and development to ensure that we are distributing high-quality anesthesia solutions.

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Medical Devices

Delex Pharma also exhibits a top-notch service by providing innovative and quality medical devices in the Philippine market!