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Delex Pharma International Incorporated (DPI) is committed to inspiring and motivating employees to be at their utmost best. We have long recognized that our people are asset resources and key drivers towards success. Thus, the hiring of soon-to-be Delexians is executed with the diligent due process following the standards of the company. Delex embodies and merits excellence in all aspects of its business line. Hence, we ensure that qualified employees have the skills, knowledge, and capabilities that are instrumental to the business objectives and principles.

As we encourage potential candidates to be part of our family, we provide them with significant learning and development programs. In line with this, we believe that Training and Development is a strategic function, which our Human Resources focus on enhancing the skills and competencies of our employees. To grant our people quality training, Delex University was founded, which serves as the core educational institution of DPI. The program provides in-house learning facilitated by in-company faculty and seasoned trainers practicing in their respective fields of expertise. Delex also fosters corporate citizenship or social responsibility to its people. Together, we will share our success with the less privileged society in our country! Be a part of our growing family!

Career Opportunities & Recruitment

Job Opportunities

Delex Pharma opens its door to job seekers who envision themselves growing and honing their uttermost expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. We encourage candidates to cultivate their capabilities through our competent training and development platforms as they achieve their goals with us. Furthermore, we seek people who embody excellence, our core values, and mission-vision to serve our customers, stakeholders, and community.

Hospital Sales Representative


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Device Product Manager


    • Develop a workable marketing plan and manage the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities. Monitor the implementation of the programs by the salesforce to capture market share and achieve growth and profit margin. 
    • Manage supply, demand, revenue, and pricing for product portfolio; update and present forecasts regularly to management, partner supplier, and device sales team. Identify market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research supported by ongoing visits to customers and non-customers and track industry trends to assess opportunities for business by spotting changing needs of the market and customer base. 
    •  Provide product training to sales and applications for existing and new products.
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Social Media Specialist


    • Work with the Digital Marketing Manager, Product Managers, and VP for Marketing in planning and executing social media campaigns or strategies. Develop unique content or stories and prepare monthly calendars for the social media accounts of the company. Monitor social media SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization.
    • Coordinate with the creative team on the execution of the advertisements.  Run paid advertisements on different social media platforms. Monitor and analyze the results and evaluate if it meets the standards of the designed Key Performance Indicators. As a social media specialist, you are also responsible for measuring the success of every campaign.
    • Prepare monthly reports and provide recommendations or best practices to strengthen the company's online presence; and execute the social media marketing directions of the digital team.
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Pharmacy Drivers/ Messengers


    • Transports clients' pharmaceutical orders, and/or packages to and from destinations; take special care and extra precautions to load the parcels for delivery; and fulfill administrative needs, like office pick-ups.
    • Assist in taking inventory of all pharmacy products; assist Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Assistant in preparation of customer purchased products;
    • Keep mileage records and repair records up-to-date; and
    • performs other related functions that may be assigned by the immediate head or the Management from time to time
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Pharmacist I


    • Make and supervise the filling and refilling of prescriptions. Engage in patient counseling and queries on drug and health-related matters.
    • Shall be Pharmacovigilant to drugs Auxillary effects & adverse effects while they are in the marketplace. Manage replenishment of stocks, ordering, purchasing, and receiving deliveries.
    • He or she will assist, train and guide the pharmacy assistants in proper dispensing and best practices. Represents the store during FDA/PDEA inspections.
    • The candidate shall perform other related functions that the immediate head or the Management may assign from time to time.
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Warehouseman- Picker and Packer


    • Picks and packs product based on invoiced daily orders; meets the specifics of customer orders promptly. Keeps products separated, organized, and in good condition.    
    • Assists in receiving stocks, periodic stocks inventory and safeguards loading and unloading operations. Helps in inspecting and stickering and other support to other departments.
    • Assists in the bulk delivery for Metro Manila (preferably knows how to drive and with knowledge in delivery).
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Trade Sales Representative


    • Responsible for booking, collection, and bidding
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    • Responsible for stocks deliveries to all Delex and JMN Brothers Pharma products and its subsidiaries and partners focusing on the following:

          a. 100% accomplishment of daily itinerary trip/plan following efficiency and time-management        
          b. Follows the best route and daily schedule 
          c. Maximizes the fuel consumption 

    • Assists in the preparation, inspection loading/unloading of stocks to be delivered. Reviews details in SI & DR, and check additional or needed documents related to acceptance of delivery.
    • Conducts Customer Satisfaction Survey, collects payments, if needed; completes logs and reports; submits Daily/Itinerary Trip Report; facilitates rush deliveries of Bidding thru airport and bus; provides accurate feedback & updates necessary to expedite the accomplishment of assigned special tasks
    • Facilitates rush/emergency deliveries to hospital accounts as the need arises to enhance the corporate service level; maintains cleanliness & orderliness of assigned areas in the Warehouses
    • Responsible for cleaning and maintenance of Warehouse and Logistics vehicles, including GPS devices; conducts objective driving skills assessment of sales force and other DPII employees for documentation purposes
    • Provides operational support to Sales & Marketing during booth set up and hauling of promotional materials to the venue; provides servicing support to customers as requested by Sales & Marketing and other internal customers.
    • Performs other duties and functions that may be assigned from time to time by the immediate superiors
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We value the significant contributions of each employee; hence, we grant them an opportunity to progress to a higher position. Backing their promotion is our Level-up apprenticeship-based training program that bestows them career growth. Moreover, qualified employees undergo the Delex Assessment Center for further screening. As of this writing, there are 7 Office, Sales and Trade Sales representatives who are granted promotions


Kjell Ruiz

From Hospital Sales Specialist 1 to Management Trainee


Elaine Evangelista

Hospital Sales Representative to Hospital Sales Specialist 1 (Makati Medical City)


Maritoni Camacho

From Bidding Specialist 1 to Bidding Specialist 2


Christine Salenga

From Hospital Sales Representative to Hospital Sales Specialist 1


Jemar Gozum

From Hospital Sales Representative to Hospital Sales Specialist 1


Jimmy Embestro

From Hospital Sales Representative to Hospital Sales Specialist 1


Noel Lagman

From Hospital Sales Representative to Hospital Sales Specialist 1


Mark Anthony Endoma

From Hospital Sales Representative to Hospital Sales Specialist 1


Kris Yvans Dela Peña

From Hospital Sales Specialist 1 to Management Trainee


Jun Belgira

From Trade Sales Representative to Trade Sales Specialist 1

There were also promoted support group personnel who showed an exemplary performance in their respective fields.


Daisy Jane Gonzalez

From IT Assistant to Marketing IT Specialist/ Graphic Artist


Grace Ann Andrada

From HRAD Specialist to HR Supervisor


Irene Joy Laza

From Accounting Assistant to Accounting Specialist

Career Fair

Under our recruitment program, we conduct an annual career expo in partnership with the Guidance and Counselling office of different colleges and universities. The different schools provide us aspiring On-the-Job trainees and Job Placement office. Our job fair activities include mock interview programs and career placement where pooling of our talents came from.

On The Job Training

Under our recruitment program, we conduct an annual career expo in partnership with the Guidance and Counselling office of different colleges and universities. The different schools provide us aspiring On-the-Job trainees and Job Placement office. Our job fair activities include mock interview programs and career placement where pooling of our talents came from.

To date, 5 On-the-job trainees coming from different colleges and universities are officially employed.


Geralden Saplada

BS Management Maj. in Operations – STI College Quezon Ave, QC.

Hired from Job Fair as a Marketing Assistant and now a Trade Sales Representative


Vicente Rey

BS IT Management-Quezon City Polytechnic University
Hired as an IT Assistant


Danna Diocena

BS Entrepreneurship – Asian Institute of Computer Studies

From OJT, hired as Sales Assistant


Clea Espinola

BS IT Management- Quezon City Polytechnic University

From OJT, and was hired as a Sales Assistant

Delex Assessment Center

As the company furthers eminence, aspiring managers undergo the Delex Assessment Center. The applicants are expected to accomplish a series of evaluation that covers points on thinking on your feet, in-depth self-introduction, and business acumen or case study prior to their involvement with the company. They will be evaluated by the Management Committee. In the case that the applicant passed the evaluation stage from the panelist, he or she shall undergo training at Delex University to gain more insights about the company.