Our Leadership

Our leaders have extensive experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. Their managerial and entrepreneurial skills had brought success to the business. Their learnings from the journeys they had taken made them more adept at developing the enterprise. Furthermore, their engagements in multinational pharmaceutical companies in the country had enriched their core competencies in performing their respective functions in the organization, thus, bringing success to Delex Pharma International, Inc (DPI). Meet the core leaders behind the impressive breakthrough of our company.

He was able to institute a deserving pharmaceutical company in more than three decades of developing his craft in the healthcare industry. Let us recommence the paths that brought him to be the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Delex Pharma International Incorporated.

In 1989, Mr. Oroceo took pride in embracing the roles and responsibilities of a Hospital Sales Representative at Abbott Laboratories. It is one of the longest-standing global healthcare companies in innovative research and product manufacturing. After fifteen years of proving as a dedicated Sales Representative and District Sales Manager, he was promoted to a Product Manager from 2004 to 2008. The chance of exploring another pharmaceutical company had come his way after his 19 years of stint with Abbott. Therefore, the now-CEO leaped to become the Marketing Manager of Hospira Philippines. Following his managerial term was another opportunity for growth and development for Mr. Oroceo. He continued to broaden his horizon in the administrative realm as the General Manager of Globo Asiatico Enterprises from 2009 to 2010. Globo Asiatico is one of the leading health care distribution providers nationwide, which was the mother company of Delex for three years.


With his proven leadership and expertise in business development, he reached the peak of the Executive ladder in the pharmaceutical industry. It has led to the founding of DPII in 2009, which he is now bravely and confidently heading. Simultaneously, he is the Chairman of the Board of DLX Holdings, Inc. and JMN Brothers Pharma Limited, Inc.

This year, he has proudly obtained a spot in the category of Global Filipino Executive of the Year, granted by SMART Communications. The criteria for excellence, that Mr. Ruyter exhibited include management achievement, financial contribution, recognition, pioneering social achievements, and social commitment.

Preliminary to his successful path was his college diploma in Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology. He graduated in 1985 from Central Philippine University and later on became a Registered Medical Technologist. To support the booming business of Delex Pharma, he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Ateneo De Manila Graduate School of Business in 2017. Moreover, he is currently a Fellow (FICD) of the Institute of Corporate Directors. 


Now, he is proudly administering the board of leadership of the company while strategically working on the continuous success of the organization.

Behind the flourishing marketing department of the company is a woman who has been recognized by CMO Asia with the PHILIPPINES WOMEN LEADERS Award 2019 and PIONEERING WOMAN LEADER 2020! Backing these awards are her attainments before becoming the VP for Marketing of Delex Pharma.


Her engagement in the field of pharmaceuticals commenced in 2004. She worked as a Professional Health Representative in Abbott Laboratories Philippines from 2004 to 2006. After contributing success to Abbott for two years, she found a new home of career growth at Hospira Philippines. She was then among the pioneers of the later company in 2006. With her dedication and competence, she advanced to become a District Sales Manager in 2008. In 2009, she became the number one District Sales Manager of Hospira Philippines. Ms. Monasterio did not fail in outwitting the challenges of her job. Instead, she has done an exemplary performance in leading the company’s sales record.


Subsequently, she was entrusted by Delex Pharma management as National Sales Manager. In 2013, she was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager. Surprisingly, it was during her time that the company attained the highest growth in sales and market share. Indeed, this was a big leap for the organization. Ms. Monasterio continually strengthened and maximized the opportunities for the corporate brand through several digital platforms. It includes the launching of the ICU Forum community, which reinforces knowledge among intensivists and physicians. As technology advancement is a necessity, she has initiated a series of webinars for the ICU Forum. Along with this, she has implemented remote or online detailing initiatives between the company’s Medical Representatives and healthcare providers. Ms. Monasterio has also headed the launching of the Mobile Dosage Calculator App. She is currently strengthening the digital platforms of the company by leveraging its social marketing strategy. Moreover, she never ceased boosting the CSR programs of Delex Pharma.


With the achievements she fulfilled from her previous experiences, she became the VP for Marketing of Delex Pharma International Inc. At once, she is the President of DLX Holdings, Inc., and the Vice-President of JMN Brothers Pharma Limited Inc.


Before reaching her career paths, she graduated as a Cum Laude at the Universidad de Sta. Isabel in 2002. She earned a degree in Bachelor of Science majoring in Marketing and Management. Furthermore, she is completing her thesis for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at San Beda University Graduate School, Philippines.

Strengthening the pillars of the day-to-day supply and distribution operations of the company is Mr. Noel Omandam. He is an experienced and accomplished leader tantamount to the VPs for the Distribution of similar industries. He has previously surpassed different career challenges before gaining his current position.


It was in the year 1980 when his employment started. He was assigned to the Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Production Planning & Inventory Control of Abbott Laboratories Philippines. After seventeen years, he obtained his notable breakthrough in sales as a Hospital Sales Representative under the Hospital Care Division in 1997. Because of his proven contributions to the company, he was promoted to District Sales Manager handling Mindanao from 2001 to 2004. As he merits excellence and passion at work, he received a Presidential Club award in 2002. In the succeeding years, Mr. Omandam became the District Sales Manager of Hospira Philippines after staying with Abbott for more than two decades. He was then one of the pioneers in the company as he handled the sales force of the Visayas and Mindanao area. He had never stopped proving his competencies. Thus, he earned the High Flyer’s Club Award in 2007. In the following year, he took charge of the Medical Devices business of Hospira in Manila.


After several years of gaining experience in the healthcare industry, he decided to join Delex Pharma International Inc. in 2010. He worked as the District Sales Manager. Subsequently, he secured the spot of becoming the National Sales Manager as he continually contributed success to the company. Eventually, he became the VP for Distribution at the same the Corporate Secretary and a Board Member of DPII. He is also the President of JMN Brothers Pharma Limited, Inc. and the Treasurer of DLX Holdings, Inc.


But before landing in the different professions, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of San Jose Recoletos in 1980. Currently, he is completing his thesis for a Master's Degree in Business Administration at San Beda University Graduate School, Philippines. Moreover, he is currently a graduate (GICD) of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Mr. Moraleda is the current Assistant Vice President for Sales of Delex Pharma. He is capable of leading the company’s Sales department to go beyond the profit or market share goals. Part of his responsibility is the execution of plausible strategies and effective budget management in achieving the growth target. He also effectively manages the business financial collections of the organization.


Before reaching his current profession, he has started to amplify his career at Abbott Laboratories Philippines for twenty-one (21) years. He took full responsibility for performing his obligations as a Production Engineer. After two (2) years of exhibiting his expertise, Mr. Moraleda has made a bold move in his career, as he has delved into becoming a Medical Sales Representative. He has bagged the Top Presidential Award during his stint in the Sales department. Mr. Tony was then promoted as a Sales Specialist following his impressive breakthrough as a Sales Representative. He realized that his career shift was the right decision toward a greater opportunity.


Succeeding his outstanding milestone at Abbot, Mr. Tony was able to climb the corporate ladder. He has managed the different departments in the company, ranging from Sales, Trade Sales, SalesForce Effectiveness (SFE), and Supply Chain to Distribution. With his proven competencies, he has been assigned as a District Sales Manager, and eventually became the Regional Sales Manager. He has never ceased in contributing success to the organization. Thus, he has taken another remarkable stint in becoming a National Sales Manager and Sales and Supply Chain Director. He also extended his experience handling international distributions in Guam, Saipan, and American Samoa.


In 2013, Mr. Moraleda left Abbott and found a new opportunity at Advanced Nutritional Technologies (ANTECH) Inc. It is among the pharmaceutical companies in the country specializing in developing and distributing specialty pediatric healthcare products. He has assumed positions as a National Sales Manager and Supply Chain & Trade Director.


Six years later, he joined Delex Pharma as a National Sales Manager. With his evident capabilities in administering the Sales Department, he has been promoted to one of the highest ranks in the company — Assistant Vice President for Sales!


Furthermore, Mr. Moraleda graduated from Adamson University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Mr. Diego is an experienced Information Technology manager. He delivers effectively and efficiently the computer system operations within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs, and timelines. Furthermore, he has extensive knowledge in the realm of Information Technology applications ranging from database analysis to the data integration process. Along with this, he heads the supervision, implementation, and maintenance of the company’s computing needs.


Before he became the organization’s I.T manager, he worked as an I.T officer at Terramedic Inc. in 2004, which is also a Pharmaceutical company. After gaining a year of work experience as an I.T officer, he worked as a Management Information System officer in IPCA, an Indian manufacturing company.


In 2002, Mr. Diego graduated from Far Eastern University-East Asia College of Information Technology, Manila. He gained a diploma with Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, majoring in Network Engineering. He is currently taking up his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at San Beda University Graduate School, Philippines.

With her notable experience in the field of accounting, she can develop cohesive plans and strategies for the long-term financial goals of the company. Also, the investment activities of the organization rely on her expertise and direction. She ensures the proper management of the company’s funds, which includes cash flow forecasting and investment activities. Let us have a run-own on her career highlights.


She has developed a remarkable portfolio of more than 20 years in the field of accounting that includes fifteen (15) years in the food industry with Golden Donuts, Inc. Back then, she was a Credit and Collection Supervisor from 1998 to 2000. After two successful years, she gained promotion as an Assistant General Accounting Manager from 2000 until 2011.  She provides financial statements and analyses to the Board of Directors.


Following her successful work experiences, she joined Delex Pharma in 2011 and became the Finance Manager of the company. She is currently the Corporate Secretary and; Board Member of DLX Holdings, Inc. and JMN Brothers Pharma Limited, Inc. Part of her remarkable contribution to the company’s business processes is the initiation of Systems Applications and Products (SAP). The system is currently being used as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of Delex Pharma. Ms. Matienzo has also maximized the use of internet banking to its stakeholders, as it is critical in the payment process. She is currently working with one of its partner banks on the implementation of a contactless collection system.


Moreover, Ms. Matienzo was able to implement various policies to strengthen the internal control system of the company. She has administered it in collaboration with Isla Lipana & Co. (a member of PWC Network), as the external auditor of the organization. Likewise, she ensures that the financial statements of the company adhere to the strictest protocols imposed by the various government authorities. Through this deed, she embodies one of the values of the company — INTEGRITY!


Ms. Matienzo graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy at the University of the East, Manila, in 1994. She was a University Scholar back then. Further, Ms. Matienzo finished her Master’s Degree in Business Administration with distinction at San Beda University Graduate School in 2019.

Ms. Nilda Zarate Cruz recently joined Delex Pharma on June 1, 2022. Nini as she is commonly called by her colleagues is a graduate of BS-Psychology at Saint Paul University Manila in 1999. In the same institution, she finished her Master in Business Administration major in Organizational Development in 2021.

She started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2005, as a Recruitment Specialist in Pascual Laboratories Inc. After two years in the company, she was promoted to Human Resource Supervisor in 2007. She handled the Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, and Employee Relations overseeing the group of companies under PascualLab namely, ADP Pharma, Altermed, Pharex Health Corp, Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp, Pharma Group including the Support Group.  Ms. Nini was a homegrown talent of PascualLab. She was able to rise from the ranks and was finally appointed as the Corporate HR Manager from 2014 to 2015.

In 2016, when PascualLab authorized the group of companies to operate in a silo, Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corporation (PCHC) absorbed Nini to become their dedicated HRAD Manager focusing on their business operations.  PCHC was then the sales and marketing organization of PascualLab. Succeeding her corporate stint, she decided to pursue her graduate studies program and looked for a new opportunity in the hospital industry. 

Prior to joining DELEX Pharma, she worked with De Los Santos Medical Center, a Metro Pacific Hospital as the Senior Manager for Human Resources Operations handling all the functions such as Recruitment, Training & Dev’t, OD, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement and Labor Relations.  She stayed with DLSMC for more than one (1) year and has decided to go back to the pharma industry.

She started her career in regulatory affairs sometime in August 2008. Her key roles are handling different products regulated by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, such as Dental Anesthesia, dental medical devices and equipment, food supplements, and generic oral products from various local companies.

After several years, she found a career at Delex Pharma in May 2017 as the company's Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist for drugs. She has expanded her knowledge as she grew and developed more skills with the company. With her proven expertise, she now heads the regulatory affairs and quality assurance department of Delex. 

Ms. Guzman was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the Royal & Pontifical University of the Philippines – University of Santo Tomas in 2007. She passed the Pharmacy Licensure Examination in the same year.

Eva has had a multi-faceted career in the pharmaceutical industry for over thirty (30) years, ranging from business development, regulatory affairs, quality control or quality assurance, manufacturing, and hospital to sales. Her entire career revolved around both local and multinational companies. Here's a glimpse of Ms. Eva's corporate ladder.

Before her regional posting, she headed the Philippines office of Faulding Pharmaceutical Philippines (David Bull Lab, Australia).

Following her success in the Philippines, she held regional posts for over twenty (20) years handling Business Development, Regulatory Affairs, and Sales & marketing. Her last post was as Regional Manager (SEA) of Medochemie Singapore Pte. Ltd., where parts of her achievements were the following:

  • Established a steady stream of pipeline products to each distributor per country of responsibility (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, the latest assignment includes China)
  • Contributed significant sales growth for each distributor/ country
  • Identified, evaluated & negotiated contracts with potential partners in each country, including China.  

Eight months later, after going back to the Philippines, she joined Delex Pharma International, Inc. as Business Development Manager. 

She is a BS Pharmacy graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and a licensed Pharmacist with earned units in Master of Business Administration in the same institution.

Mr. Coching serves as the SHIELD (Spiritual Holistic Integrated Empowered Leaders of Delex) Director of DPI. He is responsible for the planning, development, and delivery of comprehensive, multi-faith spiritual care services of the company. He does the development of effective working relationships within the organization while supporting and understanding the spiritual needs of the employees.


Mr. Coching was a corporate coach to several leading hospitals and private businesses in the country. These are Resorts World Manila, Mercury Drug (Head Office Branches), and Asian Development Bank, to name a few. Meanwhile, he is the current Treasurer of JMN Brothers Pharma Limited Inc.


He was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Mindanao in 1988. He completed his Masters of Theology at the School of Theology, SVD Tagaytay in 1997, and Masters of Development Communication at the University of the Philippines in 2004.